Life update 2/19/15

Life update 2/19/15
This week has been full of doctor appointments, stress, teething baby, and needles. 
I saw my immunologist due to chronic sinusitis and horrible allergies. I had my allergy test redone, started immunotherapy for the allergies, and new regime of antihistamines, steroid nasal sprays, and inhalers. It was the first visit that my son was aware of what was going on and he cried when I was stuck with needle so he ended up going to play in the SUV with his Mimi. 
When that appointment was done e headed to Rheumatology. I have been having a lot of issues and a major flare up of symptoms. I received trigger point injections, x Rays, change of medication, and lab work for lupus and RA. I have a nerve test scheduled.. 
It was a long long day with a teething baby and too many needles. 
My son said “Love you” for the first time while waiting for my doctor. I think he new mommy needed love! 

Baby snuggles and giggles at the end of the day made it easier to deal with knowing that everything is worth it to make a better life for us.. 
Hopefully when I have my follow up appointment we can form a better care plan for my chronic pain and illness. 


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