What do you ache for? 

What do you ache for? What drives you? What are you passionate about?
Those the first few questions I think of when I meet someone. Small talk doesn’t interest me. I want to get below the surface and see who a person really is on the inside. I want to see the waves of their personality and feel the splash of their passion. I want to see the face that is speaking so passionate and unabridged the world disappears. I want to experience the realness. We live in a world today that is so focused on outward appearances that being authentic or different is frowned upon. 

What I ache for is a difficult question, I ache to be understood. I ache for deep talks. I ache for something that I can’t even explain.. It’s more of a feeling, a late night talk that fuels the fire to your soul. The desire open myself up allowing the good and bad out. I want to let it dance to the music of my thoughts and have someone else understand and value it. I ache to see the beauty in everything ugly, to respect life and people. I want to live wholly and happily. 



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