Update on life

Life as we know it seems to always be changing. Throughout the last few months we have added a new addition to our chow chow family. Bear is another blonde chow chow like my Rhea (aka allergy dog). He just turned a year old 23/10/14. He is a doll.

Throughout the summer Rhea lost her best friend, Tess the bloodhound, from a hit & run with a truck. Since adding to our pack both dogs seem to be thriving. Bear was a city dog. He was kept inside only (weighing in at 44lbs) and had never had the opportunity to play out side or get dirty or even chase a bird. His whole demeanor has changed and he has blossomed. The the yang to Rhea’s yin.

I have started an all natural approach to Rhea’s immunotherapy using young living essential oils on her and myself. I have had great success using them personally and am continuing to further my education on aromatherapy for pets.

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