Summer, allergies, and prednisone. The life of an allergy dog.

Summer, allergies, and prednisone.

This summer has been one of trial and error when it comes to managing Rhea’s allergies. She has had six hot spots. We both are plagued by severe allergies and at one point this summer both Rhea and I were prednisone. It amazes me how much a like canine and human allergies react the same way. Rhea sneezes, coughs, and breaks out in rashes from her allergies; which is similar to a human.
Sometimes it can be heart breaking when I see the open wound from the hot spot that sprang up over night. Sometimes, we cannot go to the park or play outside much because it is just too hot, too much pollen, or too much dust. We live in rural Arkansas. There is nothing here except dust and farms.
Here’s a glimpse into the life of Rhea:
We go to the vet one to three times a month. This summer we have done steroid drops, pills, and antibiotics on top of her two immunotherapy shots every 7 days. We also do heart worm preventative with worm, fleas, and other parasite protection it once a month. Rhea is allergic to wasps, ants, dust, blue grass, Bermuda grass, pollen, mold, mildew, wheat, yeast, pork, venison, turkey, fleas, and cats.
It is impossible to keep every allergen away and I know sometimes Rhea does not feel the best but she always wags her and shows her love of life and her family.

It shows great strength for her to endure everything she has to go through and yet she still loves life and getting dirty!

We can learn so much from animals.


3 thoughts on “Summer, allergies, and prednisone. The life of an allergy dog.

  1. Aw, so sorry for both of your allergies. What breed is Rhea? I do hear of a lot of dogs with these sorts of allergies, and as you say, they somehow cope and keep wagging their tail 🙂 I hope Autumn brings you both some relief.


      • Aw, the special one 🙂 I had a very red dog once, TJ. I’m sure there was some chow in him. I very much enjoy reading your blog 🙂 and thanks for your visit too. 🙂


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