High on baby

High on baby

I came across a woman the other day, an acquaintance, who was high on baby. You know the type, she came running up to the group of women I was with and started giving us the details of her niece being born. She told us about how she held her sister’s leg and watched the miracle of life take place. We listened to each detail no matter how in depth she spoke about the encounter. She teared up as she finished the story by telling us how she changed the first diaper.
Before you know it, everyone is high on baby. We are oohing and awwing and cooing over every picture of this frog like angel. It was a miracle, a natural high. Seven pounds of angel and cute chunky cheeks!
As I retold the story as it was relayed to me I began to smile and it happened again. I was high on baby. It awakes the maternal aspect of us women and it releases chemicals. There is nothing like the smell of a newborn, that moment tiny hands grasp your finger. For me, it is an instant and natural connection. I love children, especially babies. The cute yawns and smiles. The innocence and hope for a better tomorrow.

It is such a lovely thing to be high on the joy of life.



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