Raise your voice

This was wrote to express my feelings after speaking with someone that made me realize it’s okay to feel this way. This was the first time I didn’t feel guilty for standing my ground. I owned it.

Yes, I’m a bitch. Thank you for reminding me. It use to hurt my feelings when someone called me a bitch. It almost hurt my feelings this time, but then I realized that I’m okay with that. I am okay that someone thinks I’m a bitch. Sometimes I am a bitch.
But If being a bitch means that I communicate my needs and wants even when it is not the most convenient time for you but is essential to my mental state. Then, by all means, slap that label on me. I will wear it proudly.
If I feel neglected emotionally, mentally, or physically I will be the first to express myself. If I think that the dynamic in which something was built upon has changed, I’m going to tell you. If I feel like something is one sided and a matter of convenience to the point I can’t stomach it – you can bet your pretty little head that I am going to raise my voice. If standing up for my needs, wants, and expectations in which I am willing and have met yours, but mine are leaving something to be desires. I am going to let you know. I will tell you when you are being an ass. I will try to do respectfully and in the most gentle way possible. But don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.
Don’t mistake my communication for whining. We are adults. Children whine. Dogs whine. I am a woman, above and before I am anything else. I am a woman. I am a young woman. I am secure in myself enough to be able to admit that sometimes it’s not always easy to deal with me. I know that I am a handful. I also believe whole heartedly that it’s okay. I accept it.
It’s because I live life with the same passion I submit, advocate for, or serve with – that fire inside me? You don’t get to choose when it’s turned on or not. It burns always. It lights up my world.
That same passion I put behind accepting whatever you want to dish out and doing so gracefully is the same passionate that you think is a pain in the butt when it is not pleasant. It doesn’t come with a switch to turn on and off. Life doesn’t work that way.
I have had to work on accepting this fact. I have talked with so many women that feel so hurt and insecure about being truthful, honest, and blunt. It is amazing to love yourself, but to fully love it has to be unconditional; especially, when it comes to loving yourself.

Closing this up I want to remind you that there is a difference between being malicious and spiteful and being blunt, honest, and standing up for yourself.

Use your courage wisely.

So, yes, I will proudly wear the “Bitch” title proudly.



One thought on “Raise your voice

  1. I really can’t speak to the idea of your being a bitch with any certainty at all….
    However If you are in fact a bitch your certainly a very pretty bitch and that is for certain!


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