Ever wonder what love is?

Do you ever wonder what love is?

Sometimes I find myself wondering endlessly about whether or not I really know what love is, if I have ever loved, or been loved. I’m here to tell you that you find love in the most random and insignificant acts of kindness from the most unusual sources.

Yesterday, I was babysitting my three year old nephew. We had a good afternoon. I take HRT the first ten days every month and it makes me cry easily. I was upset by something. I couldn’t hold back my tears. My eyes were “leaking” and he didn’t understand why I was crying.

Naturally, he went through his three hear old rolodex. When he first spotted my tears, he says, “you crying Ducky! What’s wrong?” I explained to him that I was okay. He insist that my eyes were “leaking” and I needed to fix them. Then, he tells me he can fix a tractor like his daddy. At this point, I’m sitting there trying to calm down and he walks in after disappearing with a wet wash cloth that I used twenty minutes before to wash him. He wipes my face.
This three foot four inch fifty pound three year old in his short years on earth showed me more compassion and empathy than most grown people ever would. He wiped my face and have me a hug and kiss. He told me, “it will be okay Ducky!l”

Right then, at that moment, I knew that I was loved. I knew that no one would ever take that away from me. It reminded me that love comes in all shapes and sizes and in the smallest forms from the most minuscule places. There is charity, kindness, and empathy in unexpected places. It might be your child, nephew, dog, or a stranger that held an elevator. If you don’t notice any small action, create one. Always pass along the kindness and compassion that someone has shared with you. You never know who out there just needs a little kindness.

[my nephew calls me, “Aunt Ducky” aka Ducky”]


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