The journey of my faith

I have a wonderful relationship with God. It was strong until my late teens and then it disappeared for a while in my very early twenties. Recently, however, I have renewed my faith and my spirit. I started going to church and became apart of a church family. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Do I agree with all of my religious doctrine? Do we all share the same political views? No, but that is what makes it so wonderful. I am enlightened to different perspectives and view points while I am learning about Jesus Christ and accepting him as my savior. I was Baptized this year and it was a life changing experience. My mother and I did it together a form of bonding, with ourselves and with our church. I am pretty liberal for some taste, but I’m too conservative in other aspects to truly consider myself a liberal. I am somewhere in the middle and lean towards independent thinking. I am going to vote and advocate for which party I feel is meeting my interest and expectations of political leadership.

Back to my faith – I went to a very dark place in the middle of an on again and off again relationship. It took me awhile to rediscover my self worth and push myself to get the heck out of dodge! My faith helped me leave an unhealthy relationship that had been on going for four years. I felt lost, guilty, ashamed, and afraid of the future. Slowly, I started reading the bible and actually enjoying getting up early to go church. I’m not saying to have faith you MUST attend church. In all honesty, I don’t care what your religion is as long as you believe in something. It is not my place to judge or make comments about your personal choices; as long as you treat me with respect I will respect you. It helps if you like dogs. I’m just kidding, well not really. I am a huge animal lover.

My faith is tied to my Christianity. I am Christian and proud of it. I accept Jesus Christ as my savior and I believe he truly died for my sins. I will never measure up to Him. But that’s okay. I just want to leave my little piece of the world in a better place than I found it. I want to have an impact, as naive as that sounds, I truly mean it. I love people. I love getting into their faith and beliefs and seeing what makes them as a person. As I read the bible, I get more and more into the parables and how they still apply to life today. It has changed much theoretically, we still have very human issues and problems. The next time you are down, remember that something out there is looking after you. It will be okay. Through faith, hope, and charity anything is possible.


6 thoughts on “The journey of my faith

  1. It’s refreshing to hear my own beliefs echoed through a strangers tongue. We are not Jesus. We did not come down off the cross for everyone’s sins. We are who he was sacrificed for.


    • Thank for you the lovely comment. I whole heartedly believe that! We are who he was sacrificed for and so many people forget that! We are only saved through him and him alone.


  2. Exactly. No one is perfect and I understand that completely. A persons ideology will stem from upbringing, cultural influence, personal experience… but the love and forgiveness that was established by that perfect sacrifice isn’t limited to only one class of people. The same people being rejected by churches are the same He wants in the church. The sick need the physician, if you will.
    Sorry, the situation vexes me.


    • I cannot express how much I agree with you! “The same people being rejected by churches are the same He wants in the church.”
      I am always inviting and dragging people to church with me. That’s what I love about my small little church. People are just happy to have new visitors and want to spread the word of God. It’s not about political or social status!


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