The dark side of illness.

The dark side of illness is inevitable. Yesterday, I spent a few hours in urgent care and received my second steroid shot in two weeks. Today, I am slowly improving and battling my upper respiratory infection more effectively. The shot, antibiotics, and cough medicine seem to be doing their job. However, Steroid shots are not nice to me; I always end up feeling emotional and cranky. They are a necessary evil. To top it off the weather is stormy and my FMS is flaring. I guess I’ll have to recount my spoons!
I feel miserable. I feel weak, emotional, cranky, and hungry. This is not working well on my diet and I’m just counting my blessings that I’m too dizzy to get out of bed alone that way I can’t eat everything in sight.
I am always the upbeat, motivated, get things done kind of woman. I hate feeling invalid or weak. Today I am hit with the reality that I have my weaknesses just like everyone else. My body is a weakness. It limits me. I feel like my head night explore and at this moment – I would probably let it. Just kidding, no really, I’m all for it.
I guess in about five minutes I’ll bounce out of the pity party and into the slumber party. But I give myself five whole minutes to feel miserable be sad about it. I’m mourning the canceled plans, feeling guilt for not being able to be there at the vet today with my furbaby (she had a procedure done), and just general nonchalant about being this sick during the last two weeks of my summer break.
So if anyone else is in a similar boat, hold your down only long enough to pray and put your crown back on! This too shall pass and something good will follow it. Attitude is everything and I always have an abundant supply if you need to borrow some!!
My five minutes is over and I’m done whining for the day. Now, to move on to more pleasant thoughts.


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